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Our Vision

" To elevate quality of life across humanity despite diversity. Excelling in technologies with a proper blend of experience providing the best of ERP "


Our Mission

" To provide our client with optimized solution which gives great values to the business thus improving our stake holders quality of life. "


Quality Policy

Ready-to-deploy, flexible and boutique-style web-based business process improvement solutions to help businesses scale seamlessly

The greatest Opportunity to improve efficiency

Freedom ERPSolution has the ability to improve the effeciency in may ways, by monitoring the minutest activity of the business performance, be it niglegence or ineffeciency or any other reason for decreased performance. Freedom ERP Software’s analytical report will not only point out the deffeciency in performance or management but alarms the management to take proactive actions before mistakes leads to losses.

We will Give You Great Understanding of ERP Solutions

Our ERP Software are the Ultimate In the Industry We at Freedom, understand that every type of industry has its own style of working and does not match with the other. Understanding this unique product requirement, we have put in a lot of effort to convert these requirements into a product which suits all the industries . This kind of design and development not only makes the implementation easy and fast, but also reduces the cost of implementation and training. Further, Isoft ERP is very flexible, highly scalable and modular in design. This helps the customer in choosing the module of their own choice and scale it to a higher level as the requirement grows.

We Love Our Clients

We build a long-lasting relationship with our clients irrespective of their widespread locations and diversities. Respecting our clients act as the building blocks of creating professional network.
We are transparent and client-friendly in our approach. Why delay? Contact us now and enjoy the best ERP solutions for your enterprise.

Right Path to Business Excellence

Freedom erp has emerged as a name to be reckoned with as an ERP solution provider of repute. Our innovative solutions encompass diverse business domains where solutions are customized to meet varied business requirements.

Why We are One Point Solution to the Problem

Our team of highly proficient expert professionals knows all the tricks of the trade and can provide you the best ERP solutions bringing back your faltering business to track.
Mostly all of the small/Medium/Large enterprises are now looking for easy to operate and comprehensive business management software that can take care of all aspects of the manufacturing industry.

What we do to Provide ERP Solutions?

As the leading ERP solutions provider in the industry we always assess the status of your enterprise and identify the problems. For instance; you might be –
◉    Using different software for performing different tasks; and
◉    You have overlooked the benefits of cloud computing.
To address these problems we as one of the best ERP software companies provide you with accounting software that are perfect match with the cloud environment. This saves time, effort, and money and your business will easily jumpstart all over again.

Key features

◈    Go live in 6 weeks (Training,         implementation & Support)
◈    No hidden cost
◈    No costly propriety software are required
◈    Best remote support in addition to on         premises traning
◈    Access through internet to work anywhere       / any time**
◈    Auto update of new feature / options
◈    Date /Days lock for user to enforce data         entry on time
◈    User role based security
◈    Well established MIS reports for         management
◈    MIS reports with graph
◈    Integrated SMS / Email with template
◈    Attendance machine integration for salary         generation
◈    Documeny attachment
◈    Auto backup
◈    Admin configurable screens and options
◈    Export to excel
◈    Word search / Multi level filters
◈    Customized reports as per customer         requirements
◈    Auto status update
◈    Dynamic terms and conditions
◈    Follow-up with remainders
◈    Master data import from excel / exisitng         software