We are Innovative

We are innovative because our team creates solutions which provide zero gap when compared against our client needs. We achieve this consistently because we have a wonderful team which has the calm and depth knowledge of the experienced and the audacity of a start-up.

We are Professionals

We are happy to share the success behind our growth. Yes, we are professionals from the same domain. We are part of you, therefore we understand your needs more than you. 
With our strong domain knowledge, we become your partners in progress.

We are Solution Providers

We aim more than just addressing your pain points. We provide complete solution in such a way that our solutions will improve the efficiency of your business process to achieve the ultimate objective of your business. Our solutions are validated and proved by more than 200 customers and 2000 users.


" A one-stop-hub for all your ERP, CRM and payroll solutions. Business process improvement and management is no more a draconian task!.
At Freedom Software, we believe that technology should simplify businesses, not complicate them; it should free you, not tie you down. It is this philosophy that has been the driving force behind all our innovations and product developments. "

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